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Syn+ec+tics: a method of identifying and solving problems that depends on creative thinking, the use of analogy, and informal conversation among a small group of individuals with diverse experience and expertise. [C20: from syn- + ecto- + -ics, in the sense: working together from outside]

Product design of electronic, electro-mechanical, and scanning systems

Synectix Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering team that specialises in the design and development of embedded systems and scanning technology. The team includes highly experienced electronic, software and mechanical engineers. The company has a strong track record in working on projects involving embedded controllers, USB devices, violet lasers, optical scanning, printing industry plate-makers, and hostile environment system packaging.

Synectix is an innovative and award winning company which has been involved in the development of new violet and optical scanning technology for printing plate manufacture. We have designed and produced colour management technology for printers across the world. Our embedded system developments have encompassed high integrity medical and down-hole instrumentation products. Synectix also has substantial experience of packaging embedded systems for severe environmental conditions.

Your partner in embedded systems